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The other day
Director:Ignacio Agüero
Screenplay: Ignacio Agüero
Photography: Ignacio Agüero, Arnaldo Rodríguez, Gabriel Díaz, ClaudiaSerrano
Sdition: Sophie França
Sound: Ignacio Agüero
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach
Producers: Ignacio Agüero, Amalric de Pontcharra
Production: Ignacio Agüero, Ignacio Agüero yAsociado Cristián Aspée, Suricato

Monday 6th - 22:30
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA AZCONA

Tuesday 7th - 18:00
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA AZCONA

El otro dia (The other day)

Ignacio Agüero
120' / 2012 / Chile
English subtitled

Audience vote 6.75

The filmmaker's house has a door that faces the street. This door separates the inner space and the outer space. The inner space contains the personal story of the filmmaker and his world of objects, imagination and thoughts. The outer space contains the city of Santiago de Chile. The stories from the world inside the filmaker's house in Santiago de Chile are interrupted as strangers ring the doorbell, and in so doing, enter the film.

Main Festivals & Awards

Premio ARTE FRANCE al mejor proyecto en Doc Buenos Aires 2009 / ARTE FRANCE Award for Best Project at Doc Buenos Aires 2009
Premio primer corte FIDOCS 2012 películas work in progress / First Cut Award at FIDOCS 2012 work in progress flms
Estreno nacional en FICV 2012 categoría GALA (octubre 2012) / Nacional premier at FICV 2012, GALA category (October, 2012)
Seleccionada en competencia latino americana de FICG 2013 (Mexico), premio: Mejor documental iberoamericano / Selected for Latin-American competition at FICG 2013 (Mexico), award: Best Latin-American documentary.
Seleccionada en competencia del Festival Cinéma du Réel 2013 (Francia) / Selected for competition at Cinéma du Réel Festival (France)
Mejor Documental Iberoamericano / Best Latin-American Documentary - Festival de Guadalajara 2013.

Director's Biography

Ignacio Agüero is an author, director, producer and actor born in Santiago, Chile in 1952. He studied Architecture and Cinema. His trajectory consists of diverse experiences in filmmaking, television, and communications. His principal activity is the creation, production, and direction of independent documentary films. He teaches in the Film School of Universidad de Chile. He is member of ADOC, Documentary Filmmakers Association of Chile, of which he was its first president. He has been an actor in the latest films of Raúl Ruiz shooted in Chile.


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