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The Night Watchman
Director:Natalia Almada
Screenplay: Natalia Almada
Photography: Natalia Almada
Sdition: Natalia Almada, Julien Devaux
Sound: Alejandro de Icaza
Executive producers: Natalia Almada
Production: Altamura Films, Tita Productions, Les Films D’ici

Thursday 9th - 19:30
documentamadridCASA DE AMÉRICA (Cine Iberia)

El velador (The Night Watchman)

Natalia Almada
72' / 2011 / Mexico
Web: http://www.altamurafilms.com/el_velador.html

From dusk to dawn El velador accompanies Martin, the guardian angel whom, night after night, watches over the extravagant mausoleums of some of Mexico's most notorious Drug Lords. In the labyrinth of the cemetery, this film about violence without violence reminds us how, in the turmoil of Mexico's bloodiest conflict since the Revolution, ordinary life persists and quietly defies the dead.

Main Festivals & Awards

Premio al Mejor Documental - International Film Festival Bratislava, 2011
Premio SICA y Mención Especial de la FEISAL
Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata, 2011
Premio a la Mejor Dirección de Fotografía - Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal, 2011
New Directors/New Films, New York, 2011
Quincena de Realizadores – Cannes - Directors' Fortnight, 2011
Los Angeles Film Festival, 2011
Vancouver International Film Festival, 2011
Festival de Málaga, España, 2012
Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Habana, 2011
Ambulante. Gira de Documentales 2012, Mexico, 2012

Director's Biography

Natalia Almada (Mexico, 1974). Recipient of the 2009 Sundance Documentary Directing Award for her film “El General,” Almada’s most recent film “El Velador” premiered at New Directors/New Films and the Cannes' Directors' Fortnight. Her previous credits include “All Water Has a Perfect Memory,” an experimental short film that received international recognition; “Al Otro Lado,” her award-winning debut feature documentary about immigration, drug trafficking and corrido music. Almada’s films have screened at Documenta13, The Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim Museum and The 2008 Whitney Biennial. All three feature documentaries have broadcast on the award-winning series POV. Almada has received the MacArthur, Guggenheim, USA Artists, Alpert and MacDowell fellowships. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design and currently lives in Mexico City.


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