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Pablo's Winter
Director:Chico Pereira
Screenplay: Chico Pereira
Photography: Julian Schwanitz
Sdition: Nick Gibbon
Sound: Mark Deas
Music: Juan Alberto Navazo
Executive producers: Sonja Henrici, Finlay Pretsell
Production: Opa Films, Scottish Documentary Institute, Screen Academy Scotland

Tuesday 7th - 19:00
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA B

El Invierno de Pablo (Pablo's Winter)

Chico Pereira
76' / 2012 / Spain, United Kingdom
Web: http://www.pabloswinter.com/
English and spanish subtitled

Pablo needs to stop smoking. Why? Because his wife, family and doctor say he should. But Pablo is a stubborn man. He’s worked in the mercury mines of Almadén, Spain, daily risking his life, he’s had five severe heart attacks and smoked 20 Winston cigarrettes a day since he was 12. In his seventies, Pablo now spends most of his day before the TV set, surrounded by a cloud of smoke, giving his back to a village that has lived through better times.

Main Festivals & Awards

IDFA Best Student Documentary Award 2012 (Ámsterdam)
Premio EU-OSHA al Mejor Documental sobre el tema del trabajo / EU-OSHA Award Winning Best Documentary Film about the subject of work - DOK Leipzig 2012
Premio President / President's Award - Full Frame Documentary Festival 2013 (EEUU)
Mención de Honor del Jurado en la Competición Young Cinema / Special Mention Young Cinema Competition - DOK Leipzig 2012
Sección Oficial: Opening Film - Quincena del Documental del Museo de Arte Moderno de Nueva York (MoMA) 2013
Sección Oficial - Glasgow Film Festival 2013

Director's Biography

After several awarded short fiction films, Chico Pereira (born 1979 in Almaden, Spain) moves towards documentary by devising minimalist narratives inspired by real-life characters and performed by them. As part of his research for the MFA Advanced Film Practice at Edinburgh Napier University, Chico starts combining fiction and documentary film techniques. Pablo's Winter is his first feature length work and the application of his Masters research within the documentary genre. Apart from writing and directing, Chico also works as an assistant director. Chico Pereira's Opa Films focuses on the development and production of innovative shorts and feature length fiction and documentary projects. Producers of award-winning films, this small independent company is primarily interested in ideas that attempt to experiment with narrative and the boundary between genres.


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