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Director:Xan Gómez Viñas, Pablo Cayuela
Screenplay: Pablo Cayuela, María do Cebreiro
Photography: Pablo Cayuela
Sdition: Pablo Cayuela, Xan Gómez Viñas
Sound: Carlos Sarille
Music: Urro
Producers: Pablo Cayuela, Xan Gómez Viñas

Monday 6th - 19:00
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA B

Fóra (Out)

Xan Gómez Viñas, Pablo Cayuela
94' / 2012 / Spain
English subtitled

Fóra (Out) investigates the hidden stories of a place: the premises of the Psychiatric Hospital of Conxo. The filmmakers use an audio-visual technique that transforms the document into image, in order to create a sort of alternating current between the images of the institution and several voices. These multiple voices are connected to the stories lingering in the building and to the reading of literary excerpts and documentary sources with strong echoes in the present day. Here the history of Conxo which mirrors that of Compostela is unravelled into little stories that stress the need for taking a closer look at certain areas erased from the urban memory and their social meaning.

Main Festivals & Awards

Play-Doc 2013, Festival Internacional de Documentais | Cinema Galego (Tui, España)
Kinomuzeum Festival, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (Varsovia, Polonia)
XXVI Cineuropa | Panorama Galicia (Santiago de Compostela, España)
CPH:DOX 2012, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival | New Vision (Copenhagen, Dinamarca)

Director's Biography

Xan Gómez Viñas. Journalist and researcher of the amateur cinema produced in Galicia. He’s currently writing his PhD thesis as a part of the Research Group for Audio-visual Studies (University of Santiago de Compostela). He is also a founding member and programmer of the film society Cineclube de Compostela, besides contributing to several trade magazines: A Trabe de Ouro, Ariel. Boletín de Cinema en galego, Blogs&Docs, Revista do Audiovisual Galego, etc. Fóra is his first film.

Pablo Cayuela.
Independent director and editor. He worked as a cinematographer and camera operator for A cicatriz branca (Margarita Ledo, 2012), as well as editing, together with Ramiro Ledo, the film Galicia 1936-2011. Estudos sobre o filme de Carlos Velo (2011). He also contributes to trade magazines such as Blogs&Docs or Lumière. He’s a member of the Cineclube de Compostela, a film society where he acts as a programmer and film editor. Fóra is his first film.


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