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Mea Maxima Culpa - Silence in the House of God
Director:Alex Gibney
Screenplay: Alex Gibney
Photography: Lisa Rinzler
Sdition: Sloane Klevin
Sound: Ivor Guest
Music: Ivor Guest
Executive producers: Lori Singer, Jessica Kingdon
Production: Jigsaw

Thursday 9th - 22:30
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Saturday 11th - 18:00
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA AZCONA

Mea Maxima Culpa - Silence in the House of God

Alex Gibney
106' / 2012 / EE.UU
Web: https://www.hbo.com/documentaries/mea-maxima-culpa/index.html
Spanish subtitled

Audience vote 7.9

Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney exposes the abuse of power in the Catholic Church and a cover-up that winds its way from the row houses of Milwaukee Wisconsin, through the bare ruined choirs of Ireland's churches all the way to the highest office of the Vatican. By investigating the secret crimes of a charismatic priest who abused over 200 deaf children in a school under his control - the film shows the face of evil that lurks behind the smiles and denials of authority figures and institutions who believe that because they stand for good they can do no wrong. The film documents the first known public protest against clerical sex abuse in the US. - long before the crisis in Boston, a struggle of more than three decades that ultimately led to a lawsuit against the Pontiff himself. These heroes, four deaf young men, set out to expose the priest who had abused them and so many others by trying to make their voices "heard." Their investigation helped to uncover documents from the secret Vatican Archives that shows the Pope - who must operate within the mysterious rules of the Roman Curia - as both responsible and helpless in the face of evil.

Main Festivals & Awards

Festival Internacional de Cine de Toronto 2012 – Estreno mundial / Toronto International Film Festival 2012 – World Premiere
Festival de Cine de Milwakee 2012 / Milwakee Film Festival 2012
Festival Internacional de Cine de Hampton 2012 / Hamptons International Film Festival 2012
Festival de Cine de Londres 2012 / London Film Festival 2012
Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Ámsterdam (IDFA) 2012 – Internacional Documentary Festival Ámsterdam (IDFA) 2012
Festival Internacional de Cine de Jemeson, Febrero 2013 / Jameson Dublin Festival, February 2013.

Director's Biography

Alex Gibney is the winner of the 2008 Academy Award for Best Documentary for Taxi to the Dark Side. Before that, Gibney wrote, produced and directed the 2006 Oscar-nominated film, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, which received the Independent Spirit Award and the WGA Award. His most recent films as director include: Client 9:The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer; Magic Trip; The Last Gladiators and Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, a story of sex abuse in the Catholic church.  He is currently editing an untitled project on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange for Universal Pictures.


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