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Los increíbles
Director:David Valero
Screenplay: David Valero
Photography: David Valero
Sdition: Aurora Sulli
Sound: Cinemar Films
Music: Vicent Barrière
Producers: Luisa Romeo, Juanjo Giménez
Production: Frida Films, Salto de Eje S.L.

Friday 10th - 19:00
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA B

Los increíbles

David Valero
86' / 2012 / Spain
Web: http://www.losincreibles.net/
English subtitled

The Incredibles chronicles the parallel lives of three everyday heroes: The Iron Lady, Broken Wing and Radioactive Woman. Three people who know the adversities of life and who are struggling with its most terrifying villains: death, heartbreak and loneliness. The Incredibles” are all those who suffer or have suffered the blows that life sometimes doles out, and those who have the tenacity and power to continue fighting until the end.

Main Festivals & Awards

Mejor Documental ex aequo / Best Documentary ex aequo - Festival du Cinemá Espagnol de Nantes
Mejor Director / Best Director - 13º Festival Opera Prima de Tudela
Premio del Jurado / Jury Prize - Festival Abycine Digital
18th Vilnius International Film Festival (Lithuania) - Official Section Documentary
60ª Edición Festival Internacional de cine de San Sebastián - Nuevos directores
28º Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara, México
Göteborg International Film Festival 2013. Official Section Documentary.

Director's Biography

Self-taught filmmaker, at age 12 he directed his first short film. This first work was followed by almost two dozens more – about them, David says they were „learning exercises“. Since then he has been working on different projects in formats as diverse as music videos, advertising, short films and documentaries. In 2007 he premiered his first film shot in 35mm: the narrative short 'Children who never existed', produced by IB Cinema and Jaibo Films, gained recognition in more than one hundred national and international film festivals garnering more than 60 awards. In 2008 begins the adventure of The Incredibles.


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