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In the Darkroom
Director:Nadav Schirman
Screenplay: Nadav Schirman
Photography: Tuomo Hutri F.S.C.
Sdition: Joelle Alexis
Sound: André Zacher, BVFT
Music: Lasse Enersen
Producers: Karl Baumgartner, Frank Stephan Limbach
Production: Pandora Film (Germany), July August Productions (Israel), First Floor Productions (Finland), FSL Filmproduktion (Germany), Hi Film Productions (Romania), Palomar (Italy)

Tuesday 7th - 20:30
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA AZCONA

Wednesday 8th - 16:00
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA AZCONA

In the Darkroom

Nadav Schirman
88' / 2012 / Italy, Germany, Israel, Finland
Web: http://www.the-match-factory.com/films/items/in-the-darkroom.html
German, English, French, Hungarian
English and spanish subtitled

Audience vote 6.95

Magdalena Kopp was married to the most wanted terrorist in the world: Carlos "the Jackal". She followed him through the birth of international terrorism, of which he became the star.
From the small conservative Bavarian town where she grew up, to the '68 revolutionary zeitgeist of Berlin and the radical leftist cells of Frankfurt, Magdalena was easily influenced. Driven by a need to belong, she found herself in the arms of the man who was fast becoming the first celebrity-terrorist in the world. She followed him into dangerous international intrigues in a nebulous world of secret services and shady governments, and gave birth to their daughter Rosa. When Magdalena realized that the political ideals were long gone, and only greed for power stood behind their violent struggle, it was too late, she was too deeply involved.
For some Carlos is a revolutionary, to others a murderer, but for Rosa he's a father, one she has not seen in 19 years, one she only knows through the media.
While Carlos stands trial in Paris, mother and daughter take a courageous journey beyond the shadows of his myth.

Main Festivals & Awards

IDFA,The Netherlands
Göteborg IFF, Sweden
Los Angeles AIFF, United States

Director's Biography

Schirman’s first film, THE CHAMPAGNE SPY (Israel-Germany 2008) won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary, was nominated for the European Film Prize, and won the John Schlesinger Award for Outstanding First Feature, as well as garnering many other international awards and nominations. It is currently being adapted into a large-scale fiction production by Oscar and Palme d’Or winning director Bille August and Oscar nominated producer Uli Limmer.IN THE DARKROOM is Schirman’s second feature-length documentary, part of a trilogy that continues with THE GREEN PRINCE. Currently in production, based on New York Times non-fiction bestseller „Son of Hamas“, THE GREEN PRINCE is also produced by Schirman through his Frankfurt based A List Films GmbH, in collaboration with Oscar winning producers John Batsek („One Day in September“) and Simon Chinn („Man on Wire“). Schirman was born in Jerusalem. Son of a diplomat, he grew up in Paris, Montreal and in the United States. He served as a Liaison Officer to the United Nations forces in Syria and Lebanon. Schirman lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.


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