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Forget me not
Director:David Sieveking
Screenplay: David Sieveking
Photography: AdrianáStńhli
Sdition: CatrináVogt
Sound: Juriávon Krause, JohannesáSchmelzer-Ziringer
Music: Jessica de Rooij
Producers: David Sieveking, Martin Heisler, Lichtblick Media, Carl-Ludwig Rettinger, Lichtblick Film
Production: Lichtblick Media GmbHLichtblick Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH

Monday 6th - 18:00
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA AZCONA

Tuesday 7th - 16:00
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA AZCONA

Vergiss Mein Nicht (Forget me not)

David Sieveking
88' / 2012 / Germany
Web: http://vergissmeinnicht-film.de/
English and spanish subtitled

Audience vote 8.18

In FORGET ME NOT, David Sieveking portrays the domestic care of his mother Gretel, who, like millions of others, is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. David’s parents were active in the student movement of the 1960s and led an „open relationship“, which is now being tested in a dramatic way through the mother’s illness. The changes taking place within the mother forces the family to deal with its own conflicts and even teaches them new ways to express their feelings and experience intimacy, bringing them all closer together. With humor and candor, David Sieveking’s family chronicle is characterized by unaffected participation and loving affection, where it is the human being at the center of the story, not the illness.

Main Festivals & Awards

Gran premio / Grand Prize - Locarno IFF Premio Hessian al major Documental 2012 / Winner of the Hessian film award in 2012 as the best documentary Sundance (USA, 2013), DocsBCN (Espana, 2013), Cleveland Film Festival (USA, 2013), Sheffield (Reino Unido, 2013) San Francisco FF (USA, 2013)

Director's Biography

David Sieveking graduated with a degree in directing from the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). His short film DIE AMERIKANISCHE BOTSCHAFT was invited to Cannes in 2003. His highly acclaimed debut came in 2010 with the documentary film DAVID WANTS TO FLY, which premiered in the Berlinale's Panorama section. FORGET ME NOT is Sieveking's second feature-length film. In 2012 it won the main award at the Semaine de la Critique in Locarno, the Hessian Film Award and is now nominated for the GERMAN FILM AWARD for best documentary. In 2000, Sieveking released NACHDREH, a short length film, winner of the newcomer award of Hesser. A year later, he made his first documentary, A PROPOS DENNIS, which was broadcasted on ZDF-Dokukanal. GANGA GUEST HOUSE (2002) and DIE AMERIKANISCHE BOTSCHAFT (2003) were also short length films directed by Sieveking. The first of the two films was screened in several international festivals. His following film was also screened in Cannes and attained three German newcomer awards. Amongst his work, MR SINGH (2004), an episode in the feature film ASYL, and WILD MAN (2006), a short coverage produced by and broadcasted on Discovery Channel Germany, need to be highlighted. In 2007, he filmed the documentary SENEGALEMAND, which’s world premiere took place at the International Film Festival Munich. In 2010, he presented DAVID WANTS TO FLY, another documentary that opened the PANORAMA-documentary section of the BERLINALE.


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