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Fallen city
Director:Zhao Qi
Screenplay: Zao Qhi
Photography: Shaogang Sun
Sdition: Matthieu Laclau, Peicong Meng
Sound: Fan Liming
Music: Giong Lim
Producers: Zao Qhi
Executive producers: Peter Witonick, Michelle Ho, FAN Lixin
Production: Qi films

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documentamadridCINETECA - SALA AZCONA

Fallen city

Zhao Qi
90' / 2012 / China
English and spanish subtitled

Audience vote 6.43

The Sichuan earthquake took 90,000 lives and left 5 million people homeless. Beichuan, once a beautiful valley town, was entirely leveled and nearly every family lost a loved one. But the Chinese construction miracle rebuilt a new city in just three years and what began as a journey to overcome loss becomes entangled with dreams of an upgraded life. As the survivors emerge from China’s worst natural disaster in decades, they speak for today’s Chinese generation thrust into the nation’s relentless pursuit of progress and violently uprooted from their past.
Director Zhao Qi follows three families from the earthquake in 2008 to the completion of the new city of Yong Chang. Peng and his wife lost their 11 year-old daughter and are forced to confront the pressure of carrying on the family bloodline; teenager Hong Shihao, who lost his father, fights a crumbling relationship with his mother and embarks on a coming-of-age journey that questions the meaning of home; Li Guiha, after losing almost her entire family, devotes herself to taking care of her 85-yr old mother and fellow survivors but finds herself lured by the promises of the new city. Combining classic cinema verite with a poetic hand,
Fallen City is a beautiful meditation on humanity searching for its place in a changing world.

Main Festivals & Awards

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DOK Leipzig
Festival del Film Locarno
Filmfest Braunschweig
It's All True Film Festival
Kasseler Dokfest
Reykjavik International Film Festival
Rotterdam International Film Festival
Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival

Director's Biography

Zhao Qi, a Wuhan-native, is an international documentary filmmaker based in Beijing. He was Co-Producer of the Last Train Home, directed by Lixin Fan and China Heavy Weight, directed by Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze). Qi’s directorial feature Fallen City which follows the survivors of the Sichuan earthquake is supported by Sundance, ITVS, and the Jan Vrijman Fund. One of China’s only international producers and directors, Zhao Qi secured the approval of Last Train Home as the first independent Chinese documentary of-its-kind to be granted a nation-wide theatrical release license. He has 15 years of experience as a director, producer and commissioning editor at China Central Television with a repertoire of over 200 television documentaries.


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