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Director:Marcos Hervera, María Hervera
Screenplay: María Hervera
Photography: Jaime Pérez
Sdition: Marcos Hervera
Sound: Juan Gay, René Morales
Music: Alejandro Salgueiro, Marcos Paino
Executive producers: Antón Reixa, Sara Rollón
Production: Filmanova S.L, 14Pies S.L., TVE

Wednesday 8th - 19:00
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA B

Avión, el pueblo ausente

Marcos Hervera, María Hervera
88' / 2012 / Spain
Spanish subtitled

Avion (it means airplane) is a strange Spanish village. Heap of ruins and luxurious town houses for returnees in winter and in summer overflowed with the arrival of Mexicans returning to the land of their ancestors. That land that once had to be left behind and they were never able to forget.

Main Festivals & Awards

Sección Oficial - FICG Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara (México)
Nominado como Mejor Documental en los premios de la Academia Galega do Audiovisual, Mestre Mateo 2013
OUFF Festival internacional de Cine de Ourense 2012
Ciclo CINEUROPA, Santiago de Compostela
Festival Internacional de Cine Etnograìfico Espiello, Huesca

Director's Biography

Marcos Hervera (Lugo, 1976). Bachelor of Arts in Audiovisual Communication Studies at the UCM in Madrid. He specialized in Film Edition at the ECAM. Founding partner of the production company 14Pies Audiovisual in 2002, which is responsible for producing many shorts, documentaries and two fiction feature films, 199 recetas para ser feliz (Andrés Waissbluth) and La Mitad de Óscar (Manuel Martín Cuenca). As television producer and editor he has worked with several national networks. He has edited several short films and two fiction feature films 199 recetas para ser feliz and El regreso de Alicia. He has directed the documentary film Europa25 for History Channel. Photography director for Cambio de Sentido, feature film documentary for La Noche Temática de La2.

María Hervera (Lugo, 1972). She studies journalism at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and follows various script seminars at the Complutense, ECAM, SGAE and Ars-Media. She has worked as reporter, documentarian and script transcriptor for various producer companies before writing her own first script. She was screenplayer and co-script for G
arbo, el espía (El hombre que salvó el mundo), a film which obtained the Gaudí Award for Best Script from the Acadèmia del Cinema Catalá and the ALMA Award to the Best Script from the Script Writers’ Association. The film, directed by Edmón Roch, was also awarded the Goya and Gaudí awards for the Best Feature Length Documentary and was included in various contests around the world, obtaining several acknowledgements and winning the Giraldillo de Oro at the European Film Festival of Seville and the Variety Critic’s choice at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.


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