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A Common Enemy
Director:Jaime Otero Romaní
Screenplay: Jaime Otero Romaní
Photography: Ignacio de Vicente Bueno
Sdition: Diana Toucedo
Sound: Bilel Kernani
Music: Alejandro Román
Executive producers: Cristina Bodelón, Jaime Otero Romaní
Production: Lasoga Films

Sunday 12th - 12:30
documentamadridCINETECA - SALA B

El enemigo común (A Common Enemy)

Jaime Otero Romaní
78' / 2013 / Spain, Tunisia
Web: www.lasogafilms.com
English and spanish subtitled

After 23 years of corrupt dictatorship, the Tunisian people unite to overthrow cruel dictator Ben Ali, triggering the Arab Spring. This historical event is now an echo in their minds, as free elections are announced and impending changes may rapidly modify the country's society, especially as the victory of Islamic party Ennahda becomes more and more likely.

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Director's Biography

Jaime Otero Romaní (Toronto, 1983) has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Barcelona as well as a Post-Graduate MA in Film & TV Production in the Centro de Estudios del Video of Madrid. He has also undertaken courses on Script Development at the Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de Madrid (ECAM) and Marketing & Video Production at the University of Massachusetts (USA). In 2009 he directs and produces the documentary Nano Caste. The New Indian Middle Class, filmed entirely in India and awarded at the We the People London Film Festival. He had previously directed the short film The Box (2008) and the music video Lluvia (2008) by Hip-Hop and local actor Eloi Yebra. His latest credits as executive producer include the feature-length films The Vampire in the Hole (2011) and Vulnerable (2011), as well as the 52-min documentary Bagpipes, Giraffes and Pines (2011) and the short film De la soledad al infierno (2013), directed by Robacho Buika.


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